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published on Jan 29, '17

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Advertising Your Event in 2017

It's a brand new year, so let's talk about what's changing in the event advertising landscape. How will you change your event marketing and event promotion ideas in the new year to keep up with the latest trends? Taking a look at what has worked in the last year or two as well as thinking about what the future might hold will help you create an effective event advertising strategy in 2017 and beyond.

What Worked in 2016

Much of what's been working will continue to work in terms of your event marketing ideas. The question is -- are you doing what's working? Here's an overview of strategies you might consider trying. If these tips are already in your event promotion arsenal, then keep them on the list for 2017!

Get Local Publications to Cover Your Event

Although your first inclination might be to get your event advertised online (and this is a very valid way of handling your event advertising!), it's also important to consider print materials, particularly if you're trying to reach a demographic who might be more likely to pick up a trade magazine or even the local paper. Take a look at some ways to make your pitch more attractive to editors, keeping in mind that editors of popular online and print publications receive a lot of pitches each day, so you will need to make yours stand out.

Make Your Events Memorable

From the very first invitation or introduction to the time that your last guest departs from your event, you want to make your event one to remember. Not only will it make your guests happy that they attended, but it will also boost your future event marketing efforts and even help you get more event advertisers. We have some great ideas for you to consider when trying to make your event more remarkable.

Think Local

This is a strategy that hasn't changed and isn't likely to, unless you're hoping that people will fly in from all corners of the country to attend your event. For the vast majority of events, most, if not all, of the participants will be from your local area. Use local calendars, focus on local marketing techniques, and pitch yourself to local bloggers to get the visibility you need for your event.

New Tricks to Try in 2017

While you don't want to eliminate the "old" strategies that work, it's definitely worth considering what is likely to take off in 2017. This can be a hit-or-miss approach, because no one knows what new tricks will be the biggest hits. If it makes sense to you to choose some new event advertising ideas, one of these just might be the ticket to your success.

Consider Snapchat Videos, or for Larger Events, Snapchat Filters

This is not a brand-new trend, but it is certainly one that has grown exponentially in 2016 and should continue exploding in popularity in 2017. You might know Snapchat as an app that allows you to send a photo that disappears after a few seconds, but there's also a feature that allows you to upload a video, or a series of videos, that will stick around for a longer period of time. Try setting up an account for your event, and put up videos in the days leading up to the big day.

Take It a Step Further With Facebook Video

You've probably gotten the notifications when your favorite (or least favorite) politician, magazine, news station or even church is live on Facebook. You can do the same for your event marketing! It takes some courage to put up a live video, but Facebook Live is a great way to interact with your potential attendees in real time. Just take a deep breath, and do it!

Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

Have you heard of Mobilegeddon? This is a Google update that penalizes websites that aren't optimized for the mobile experience. Why is this important? Consider that more people are using mobile devices than personal computers when they search for something to do this weekend. Not sure if your site stacks up? Check it out using the Mobile-Friendly Test by Google.

Consider a Rebranding Effort

If you haven't been having much luck with your event promotion in 2016, it's never too late to turn over a new leaf. Consider modernizing your brand. This could be as simple as updating your website, refreshing your social media presence or getting a new logo. Or it might be as complex as changing the types of events you'll be offering altogether. Talk to your event promoters or set up a focus group to get some good ideas as to what you might want to change as you head into the new year.

Going Forward

Whether your events were well-attended or not as successful as you'd hoped this year, 2017 offers a new chance to have a do-over or simply expand upon what's already been working. Here's to a wonderful holiday season and an epic new year from the SceneSquid crew!