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published on Oct 12, '16

Event Blogs  

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The 19 Best Event Blogs for for Event Marketing Professionals

Event planning is a many-sided business, and staying up on the latest buzz in the industry can be tough. That's why so many event planners and marketers turn to blogs for help. Here's a quick rundown of the best blogs for industry pros who want to stay in the know and read up on the latest event marketing ideas.


Featuring industry news, as well as recaps of successful events, this is a go-to blog if you need inspiration to pull off a successful brand- or business-centric event. BizBash features some of the most creative takes on event marketing and is updated regularly.

The Bizzabo Blog

Focused primarily on tech and social media tips for event planners, this is a great blog to read for help fine-tuning your online outreach efforts. Updated regularly, it offers plenty of advice on building event websites, handling online security and engaging event participants.

Corbin Ball's TechTalk Newsletter

Published monthly, the event tech guru's newsletter offers insights and advice on the world of event marketing technology. This is a must-read for event marketers who rely on tech tools to plan, promote and execute events. If you love what Corbin Ball shares, be sure to check out his articles too.


The official blog of the Professional Convention Marketer's Association, this is the place to head if you need advice for planning and executing large-scale or education-oriented events. Here you'll find advice on everything from choosing event speakers to prepping venues to engaging event participants.

Endless Entertainment

Endless Entertainment is a heavyweight in the event planning industry. You'll find an array of practical tips on this blog about promoting events and energizing event attendants. It's also a great source to catch up on industry news and learn how to efficiently manage event planning tasks.

The Event Blog by Cvent

Offering everything from social media tips to the skinny on special event venues, this blog provides insights that are valuable to new and experienced planners alike. Whether you're planning a recurring event or trying to pull off an upscale party, you're likely to find what you're looking for here.

Event Manager Blog

With everything from free resources to tech reviews to rundowns of the latest developments in the event planning world, this blog is a must-read for event marketers at all levels. It's updated every week and offers both serious and humorous content to inspire pros who need help with event promotion.


This blog covers the latest developments in the event industry from both the U.S. and the U.K. This is a great place to learn more about event marketing tools, get inspiration for upcoming events and find out about conferences for event professionals.


Updated on a weekly basis, this tech-centric blog covers every aspect of event technology, from staffing to planning to promotions. Head here if you need inspiration to make your events unique, engaging and attractive to a wide audience.

Gallus Events Blog

This blog from the U.K. offers lots of advice on event management and industry ethics. With comprehensive advice about choosing venues, attracting attendees and gauging event success, it's a great place for no-nonsense advice about event marketing.


The Face2Face blog by MeetingsNet covers the latest developments in event entertaining, and offers practical tips for event planners who want to create more lively, engaging events. This is a great place to turn when you need straightforward advice with a touch of humor.

The Meeting Pool

Centered around event technology, this blog is a great place to read the latest news about the event industry and event tech. Posts are broken down into major topics so that you can easily find that information that you need, when you need it.

Midcourse Corrections

Targeted primarily at conference marketers, this blog provides an array of insights about what energizes and attracts event participants. It's a great blog to visit if you're planning an education-oriented event or need to quickly catch up on conference ins and outs.

Nicole Jensen

Nicole Jensen is known for her expertise with social media for event marketing, and her blog can help you sort out your social media options and find new ways to promote your events. Her blog is updated sporadically, so you only need to check it every month or two.

Planner Wire

Written by and for event planners, the entries on this blog cover the latest news in event planning, while offering practical, everyday tips to event marketers. Check out this blog when you need advice about insurance for event planners or want to know more about engaging a specific audience.

Preston Bailey

Bailey is a giant in the event-planning world, and he shares advice on a wide range of planning and marketing topics with both seasoned and new pros on his blog. He covers everything from decor to negotiating contracts to dealing with venues, making his blog invaluable for event planners who need down-to-earth advice.

The Propared Blog

Targeted to both new and experienced event planners, this blog is a must-read when you want to know about event scheduling, management and communications. It's a great resource when you need practical advice about the ins and outs of event marketing.

Special Events

The blog and articles sections of the specialevents.com website offer a wealth of practical information to event planners and marketers, on topics ranging from tech know-how to industry developments to handling security concerns. This is a great blog to check when you need advice about ethics or working with difficult clients.


Filled with practical and tech-oriented advice, techsytalk covers new developments in event marketing technology and offers practical tips for day-to-day event planning challenges too. It's updated several times each month and features guest bloggers from around the event industry.