Art gallery opening promotional tips

published on Jun 15, '16

Art gallery opening promotional tips  

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Event promotion is essential to establish your gallery as a center for relevant and emerging art. Your reputation starts with the gallery opening, whether you are a new gallery or introducing a new exhibition.

You have the tools you need for a watershed evening to put your gallery on the "to visit" list of your community's influencers, but targeted event marketing is nonetheless crucial. Start with your networks, get on the same page with your artists and submit your event online to local blogs.

Start With Social Media

Increasingly, social media is a visual online environment. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are photo-driven platforms that showcase your gallery's look, feel and style of art. Before your gallery opens, set up at least one account on all major social media sites:

Use your social media accounts to promote the upcoming opening. Set up an event through Facebook so followers can sign up for reminders. While stunning images will help you gain followers, be respectful of the creatives behind those images. If you do post artwork, get the artist's permission and be sure to watermark the photo.

Collaborate with your artists to establish a streamlined strategy to promote the gallery opening. Get the artists to post and share updates on the opening's official event Facebook page, instead of creating a new page. That way, you can inform your new followers about upcoming events and encourage their continued presence in your gallery.

Use Your Network of Artists

The art community is small and tight-knit in most cities. Support other galleries and artists. Use this web of contacts to get the word out about your gallery opening. Consider these ideas for promoting your gallery opening:

  • Email existing contacts
  • Email interested organizations, such as art cooperatives and schools
  • Attend fairs, markets and other community events to promote the opening

Work with your artists to share networks and cross-promote artistic events. Even in a competitive industry, connections are fundamental for a gallery to thrive.

Post to Local Event Publishers

When it comes to event promotion, local is king. Your neighbors are looking at local event calendars to see what's new and coming up. Community newspapers and online publications are just two of the avenues that gallery owners use to get the message out about new events. Need help? Let SceneSquid post to all relevant local media on your behalf!

Your art gallery opening is an exciting event. Make the most of it by making sure your rooms are filled with art lovers and art buyers who will become loyal members of your network and advocates for your artists.