Promotional Ideas for Events

published on Jul 23, '16

Promotional Ideas for Events  

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Event Marketing Guerrillas: Clever Promotional Ideas for Events

Your upcoming event is at the forefront of your mind, but how can you make sure that the people in your community become and remain aware of it? Bulletins, social media posts, email blasts, signage and postcards can go a long way toward building visibility of your event, but when it comes to promotional ideas for events, sometimes thinking outside the box is the way to go. Check out these successful event marketing strategies, and see if you might glean some ideas for your own event marketing plan.

Get Colorful

Nothing catches the eye quite like color, and when organizations put on events, it can help to have a signature color. One example is when non-profits put on events like a breast cancer run. What color do all of the participants wear? Right, pink. Another centers around the rainbow: During gay pride parades, you'll see a lot of rainbows on clothing and flags.

Think of ways to really catch the eyes of your target audience. Color can go far. Consider the art you're using on your event marketing materials. Are they eye-catching without being gaudy? Have you adopted a signature color or color scheme that will tell people in your community that your organization is planning an event as soon as they see your sign, because they're in "your" colors? That's what you need to aim for.

Try BOGO Deals

Many companies have successfully used the "bring a friend for free" approach. This is particularly common for events like the circus, museum events, and even concerts. Perusing TicketMaster for BOGO deals will give you a host of options to choose from. Come on in, and you can even bring a friend!

This strategy has a few benefits. First, it sells tickets. Who can resist a great deal like that? Each friend can go for half the price of a whole ticket, if they chip in. Secondly, it brings in a subset of people who might not have considered going. If someone interested in your event drags along a friend who has a great time, you've just made a new customer without having to market to them at all, aside from comping the tickets.

Pull at the Heartstrings

Have you ever seen a poster for an "adopt-a-thon" put on by your local animal shelter? You see woeful eyes of homeless dogs and cats. Perhaps there is a sad story of an animal left to fend for himself after their owners moved away without him, or a few words about the four-legged pal from the shelter or foster family.

Your event might not evoke the same feelings as a defenseless kitten, but there might be something heartrending about what you're trying to do. Is there a touching scene in your theatrical performance? A story of one of your art gallery's artists using a sad story as inspiration for one of his or her displayed paintings? Perhaps a member of your band has really beaten the odds. Don't be afraid to use these stories or photos in some of your event marketing materials.

Go for Shock Value

Look at the way Nationwide garnered attention in this advertising campaign. Depending on the type of event you're having, you might be able to think up something that will force people to do a double-take. For example, if you're having an art gallery event, consider asking a sidewalk chalk artist to draw a 3D-appearing piece to catch people's eyes in the days prior to the event. If it's a music event, have an impromptu mini-concert planned. A theater group might come up with an improv piece, similar to this one by Improv Everywhere.

Thinking up irresistible promotional ideas for events is a vital part of the marketing process. When it comes to the nuts and bolts of the campaign itself, consider Scenesquid, where event marketing is made simple. This will free you up to develop clever and engaging event promotion ideas to get your plan up and running.