Event Planning Tools

Effective promotion is core to good event planning. SceneSquid takes care of promotion for you, letting you focus on the rest of your planning checklist.

Event Blogs

Here is a list of 19 exceptional event blogs for Event Marketers and Event PR professionals. This list covers event execution, technology, management, and more!

published on Oct 12, '16

Event Marketing Ideas

Your organization skills may be legendary, but it's going to be a long night if there's no one at your event to appreciate it! Here's a few event marketing ideas to help you think outside the box when marketing your next event.

published on Oct 5, '16

Event Marketing Plan

In this post, we detail a few ways to get creative with your event marketing plans to breathe new life (and fresh attendance) to your events.

published on Sep 23, '16

Museum Marketing

Visitors are the life's blood of all museums. Here's three approaches to museum marketing that can appeal to both new and returning visitors.

published on Jul 4, '16

Concert Marketing

Live performances are more than just an opportunity to sell tickets. In this article, we'll talk about the unique approaches taken by 5 popular artists to market their events.

published on Jul 4, '16

Theatre Marketing

Clever theatre marketing tips that leverage modern marketing platforms to achieve age-old strategies. Promotional ideas for theatre events.

published on Jun 24, '16

Using technology to make your promotions stand out

Just like any other task in life, event organization and promotion must evolve with technology.

published on Jun 15, '16

The Event Marketing Blueprint, Part One

Event marketing is a challenging endeavor. Event marketing is a challenging endeavor. Whether you’re a full-time marketer with dedicated staff; a one-person shop getting your

published on Sep 19, '16

Six ways to get publications to cover your event

At SceneSquid, we interact with a lot of event bloggers and calendar editors. Over the last couple years, we’ve been privy to their pet peeves and frustrations in dealing with event PR.

published on Jun 15, '16

Event planning best practices with Evan

Brain Download is a new series where we interview event experts. We intend these interviews to range a wide gamut of personalities and event spaces, with an eye towards bringing you awesome, valuable advice from some of the best in the industry.

published on Jun 15, '16