Tools to Help Make Event Promotion Easier

published on Jun 15, '16

Tools to Help Make Event Promotion Easier  

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Promoting events effectively means mastering an array of media channels, many of which didn’t even exist 15 years ago. Event promotion today takes place on TVs and billboards, in the streets, over the radio, on social media sites and in local publications. There’s a lot to do, and getting the word out about your event might seem like an exhausting and ceaseless task.

Why Turn to Event Marketing Tools?

You can handle these seemingly endless tasks by choosing tools that help you do your job more efficiently. There are many tools out there so it’s easy for event promoters in different types of venues to find utilities that meet their needs. You’ll find tools that can handle an array of tasks including:

  • ticketing,
  • social media marketing,
  • invitations and RSVPs,
  • video marketing and live broadcasting, and
  • event photo hosting and sharing.

Must-Have Event Promotion Tools


Sending invitations to people who’ve visited your venue before is one of the easiest ways to promote your event. Thanks to tools such as Eventbrite and Anyvite getting these invites out doesn’t even require knowing how to do a mail merge. If you’re not already using a tool that rolls invitations, RSVPs and ticket sales into one, it’s time to get on board.


These tools intrinsically support local aims, but you might need to find an audience outside of your neighborhood, too. If there’s value in reaching out to a remote audience, you can use a tool such as UStream to promote your event with video. With UStream, you can even broadcast your event to those who can’t watch it in person. YouTube, Vimeo and Viddler are also great places to post interviews and other content designed to build hype before your event.

Photos & Visuals

Using rich visual to promote your event is an absolute must, so it makes sense to look for a tool that can help you manage photos and graphics– Flickr is widely considered the best around. In addition to hosting photos that can be used on your venue website, event pages and local blogs, Flickr also allows you to create groups to facilitate live posting of photos by attendees at your event. Other social media sites including Instagram and Facebook also support live photo posting.

Event Listings

Getting your event listed in local event calendars also matters. To make this easier, use SceneSquid. You create one event profile, and it’s sent out to relevant local publishers including event calendars, online newspapers and blogs. Much like other event promotion tools, it’s an efficient way to work that maximizes the success of your marketing efforts.

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