Write an Event Description That People Will Actually Read

published on Jun 15, '16

Write an Event Description That People Will Actually Read  

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Your event is planned: The musicians have been booked and the caterer is all set to go. All you have left to do is write and post your event description so people will know what to expect and get excited about coming. However, before you post your description to your local event calendar and local blogs, make sure you’re writing it in a way that guarantees people will actually read it.

Include Important Information Early

If someone doesn’t have a lot of time to read a lengthy description of your event, they may just read the beginning of it before deciding to read more or click away. For the busy scanners and skimmers in your audience, ensure that the most important details (what the event is, where it will be held, and what time it begins) are toward the beginning of the event description.

Make Facts Stand Out

Rather than writing several long paragraphs it’s best to use subheadings or bullet points to make the event facts stand out. This gives people the basics so they can read the relevant details if they need them. Those who just skim will catch the drift by reading over the bolded text.

Mention Any Incentives

If the event benefits a local charity or if you’ll be giving away a prize (like a ticket to the next event or even a new car), make sure those details are highlighted. Will there be a well-known speaker or great networking opportunities? Mention that, too. People love to know that their attendance has more than one purpose, especially if they can help somebody else while also helping themselves.

Add Some Visuals

Your event marketing material shouldn’t be filled with cartoonish clip art or photos of cute cats, but a well-placed graphic or two is essential to make your event stand out. Include your logo and perhaps a photo or drawing. If there’s no room for that, consider using a border around important details or a small image of something relevant.

Check Your Grammar

Finally, before you submit your event online, proofread it! Many people are turned off by typographical errors and misspellings. Since it’s difficult to see your own mistakes ask someone else to give it a once-over to be sure that you didn’t spell the name of your business wrong, transpose digits in your telephone number, or use “your” instead of “you’re.”

Your event should be a rousing success if you promote it well. Save time and energy by using SceneSquid to help you with your event promotion.

(Photo by Moyan Brenn)