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Why Black and White Party?
We all live in a sea of poverty; our cause is a black and white issue. It s takes a village to raise a child. This is our annual event, dedicated to the cause of providing support to service /providers to HIV/AIDS and orphan kids in Africa. Since our first event in November 2010, the Black & White party has grown into a unique one, devoted solely to improving the lives of orphans and kids living with HIV. Past beneficiaries are Cameroon, Nigeria, Zambia, Congo, Kenya, Ghana, sierra Leone, Liberia, and South Africa. Because of the generous support of various social groups,organizations and individual donors, we plan to include more beneficiaries for 2016.-for more details visit or email-
There are many Stories like that of Michaela DePrince
Her three brothers died young and her father, a trader, was shot by rebels when she was three. She remembers her uncle bringing the body home and trying to explain. "I've always been a daddy's girl," she says. "I do have a picture of my dad and I was holding his hand, so I feel like I was."

Michaela DePrince The boy is HIV-positive
A week later, her mother died from starvation. The family had always been poor. "I was always hungry. I had terrible malnutrition when I came to America. I had no idea how I survived."
Make a Difference - Please Donate
To make a tax deductible donation to The Black and White Party, please specify the local or national organization when you donate. Donations can be made by sending them to: orphan kids help foundation (Black and White Party) We currently accept checks, VISA, MC and American Express.

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