A Nononz Dinner Salon

The Vault @ 164 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401

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Please join us and three expert AI practitioners from Google, SAP and ServiceNow for a panel and a facilitated discussion over a gourmet dinner with other technology leaders.

Individuals Experience with AI

Since the industrial revolution and perhaps before individuals have always resented being treated as part of a statistical population. How are companies addressing the issues of bias in algorithms? What can be done to lessen the resentment of people who feel they are more and more treated like a number and less like a unique human being?

Societal Issues and AI

History has not been kind to countries where wealth becomes overly stratified. Does competence in AI and/or ownership of unique data sets represent a new form of wealth and do we need to consider the consequences of a relatively small set of corporations having far more AI wealth than anyone else? If yes, what safeguards can we imagine that mitigate the risk of this stratification. Where does it feel like AI should play a role in defense and security and where does it feel like it should not?

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