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Make your smile the fashion this year....

Art of Living- The Happiness Program
Learn the Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful rhythmic breathing technique that effortlessly takes you into a state of deep meditation, offered only through the Art of Living Happiness Program.
When: Feb 2-4, 2018 (Fri - 6:30pm-9:30pm, Sat & Sun - 10am-1pm)
MSNBC Presents The Happiness Program - with a revolutionary breathing technique that studies show is 'not only therapeutic for stress and depression, it may also benefit the immune system, improve brain function, and improve overall health'.
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Please register from the above Art of Living link (and not through the Eventbrite)

Lifetime access to weekly practice groups and a global spiritual community
Included with your Happiness Program fee is lifetime access to weekly Follow-up Practice Groups (Sudarshan Kriya) that you can join at no cost in over 10,000 Art of Living centers around the world. Bet you can t find a yoga studio or health club that offers that kind of a deal!

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