Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered in this FAQ, please email us at We’re a small team but we’ll get back to you as fast as possible.

What is SceneSquid?

SceneSquid submits your events to local publications, blogs, and calendars so you don’t have to. Our platform starts by helping you target relevant media outlets and event curators for your event. We then automatically fill out event submission forms and send digital event digests containing your event details. SceneSquid is designed to give publications all the information they need about your event, in their preferred submission format.

Why do you need my phone number?

Certain publications require a phone number for additional inquiries.

How do you charge me / how do payments work?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed and your data is secure. Upon signup for a paid plan, we'll charge you immediately, and then recurring once a month thereafter. Single event "upgrades" will be charged immediately to your card. Your credit card information is stored securely on Stripes servers; no confidential info is stored on our servers.

How do you submit to publishers?

Several ways. When possible, we skip the inbox and submit your event directly into an editor’s dashboard or calendar through one of our publisher widgets. In other cases, we’ll fill out a publisher’s event submission form for you, using our automated technology. Finally, we’ll also email our media partners a daily digest containing your event, and retain your full event details on our site which they may access at any time.

Why don’t I see a certain publication?

Either because a publication’s SceneSquid editorial criteria do not match with your event details, or because we do not currently work with that publication. While we work with many media outlets and blogs, we don’t work with everyone (yet). Feel free to suggest someone to us, as we’re always expanding!

I’m not matching with any publishers, what’s going on?

Are your dates correct? Incorrect dates are usually the cause here. If your event is less than 24 hours in advance, you won’t be matched with any publications as that’s inside their editorial timeframe.

Please keep in mind that the earlier you promote your event on SceneSquid, the better. This gives our media partners more time to consider your event, and, once covered, gives you more eyeballs seeing and considering your event.

How do I know if my event went through / got distributed?

Once you select your target publications and hit the ‘Publish’ button, your event enters the submission queue. The queue has a loading bar and, once completed, show’s the words “Finished!”

How do I know if I got covered?

We’re constantly ‘listening’ for instances of coverage. We’ll do our best to find any coverage or listings and email you with a url to it so you can check it out, tweet it, etc. However, please keep in mind that our tracking abilities are a big work in progress and we often miss things.

Can publications download my original image?

Absolutely. Fullsize, uncropped, and in original colors.

What kinds of images can I upload?

Raster files like jpegs, pngs, and gifs work best. At this time, we do not support vector graphics.

Should I doublepost / submit the same event twice?

No. This will not increase your chances of coverage, and may actually annoy editors and curators.

How do I edit my events?

You can edit an event by clicking “My Events”, selecting the desired event, and clicking “Edit” towards the bottom of your event details. Be sure to click “Update” once you’ve made your desired changes. If you’ve already submitted this event to publications, we’ll do our best to help you, but we cannot guarantee that our media partners will update your event details accordingly.

How can I delete my event?

You can delete an event by clicking “My Events”, selecting the desired event, and clicking “Delete” in the lower left hand corner of your event details. If you’ve already submitted this event to publications, you cannot delete it from SceneSquid as the event has already been distributed.