Submit events to us, we'll publish everywhere else.

We fill out forms on event websites.

For example, we'll publish your Open Mic Night event to local newspapers, blogs and calendars.

We save you time and send you proof that we actually filled out all those tedious forms.

Online event promotion made seamless.

Promoting your event online is annoying.

When promoting an upcoming event, the last thing anyone wants to do is sit hunched over at the computer, mindlessly typing or cut-and-pasting text into fields on an event listing website. Oops, wrong field, what’s my category again? Where’d I save that image attachment?

It stinks!

Personally, I tend to procrastinate until the last minute, and when I do finally tackle my list of media contacts, I group them together... easiest first, emails second, and finally the - gulp - big, ugly, painfully specific forms. It’s so boring, a robot could do it.

If you’re a bit more seasoned, your first thought might be “I’m delegating this, ASAP!” Problem solved! Or is it?

The Old Way

We’ve calculated the actual time spent filling out an average event listing form as well as the time spent working on an email to the editor of a local blog or calendar - formatting it, making sure you have the guidelines correct, double-checking that you spelled the editor’s name right. That time is about 4 minutes and 30 seconds per publication.

We’ve also found that the average SceneSquid user promotes their event to about 17 event listings sites per event using our service. Your mileage may vary of course, but let's use that as our yardstick.

Hours Wasted

That means it takes over an hour to promote an event online manually to 17 publishers.

That's an hour of tedium for every event you promote.

That's an hour that could be far better-utilized planning an awesome event.

The New Way

This is exactly why we built SceneSquid. Submitting your event to listings sites online is an amazing way to promote your event, but the old way was just too tedious and time-intensive.

Let a robot do it for you. A robot squid. You’ll save money, your team will love you, and your event will be sent to the right people, in the right format. Stop wasting time, and get back to work planning amazing events.

Stop Wasting Time.

Post your event here, we'll post it everywhere else.

Target your Audience.

Reach websites where your demographic hangs out.

Track your Coverage.

We'll let you know if we find your event published anywhere.