Why are we here?

Our mission at SceneSquid is to get people off the web and into the real world.

Specifically, we're focused on event promotion, because quirky and unique events are the best excuse to get out and explore a neighborhood. For organizations promoting events, that means we help you identify your audience and garner earned media. For publications and blogs, that means we send you a broad selection of relevant events, driving meaningful reader engagement. SceneSquid is dedicated to supporting the event creators, venues, and publications who share our passion for community-oriented fun by making digital press and promotional relations seamless.

SceneSquid was launched in mid-2012 by Jake Kring and Mack Kolarich. Previously, Jake and Mack built Spontaneous, a discovery platform and mobile app for events. As event creators themselves, they recognized the challenges inherent to unifying an audience around an event. There are hundreds of calendars, blogs, and newspapers that might cover your event... but how many truly understand your audience? The SceneSquid team believes the process of PR and securing earned media should be quick, effective, and simple, freeing you to focus on what really matters: hosting an awesome event.